Merkel calls for increased regulation of commodity derivatives

german+chancellor+angela+merkel+has+asked+that+regulators+take+action+to+ensure+that+market+participants+trading+otc+commodity+derivatives+gather+more 3497 800762638 0 0 7021910 300 Merkel calls for increased regulation of commodity derivatives  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked that regulators take action to ensure that market participants trading OTC commodity derivatives gather more information on transactions related to these financial instruments.

She stated at a raw materials conference on April 25 that the laws surrounding these OTC derivatives must help to reduce price fluctuations instead of amplifying them, according to Reuters.

Merkel stated that the use of these commodities is crucial to the economic success of the country, and as a result the European nation's government has opted "to march politically, with our economy," the news source reports. She indicated that members of the G-20 will talk about price movements in raw materials at their next meeting.

"It must be prevented that a country like Germany with a large output can no longer realize its research possibilities, innovation, creativity and even precision, because there is a lack of access to raw materials," Merkel said, according to the media outlet.

Regional regulators have taken steps towards providing additional laws governing OTC derivatives, with the European Parliament voting to approve new rules regarding the financial instruments on March 29.

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